Unique Ads, 
 Unique Niches, 
 Unique Metrics: All For Books 
AdBiblio is the first Internet advertising platform designed for books and authors.

Leveraging the Internet's most powerful tools, AdBiblio's custom ad units and reader targeting make connecting online with readers simple, affordable, and data-rich.
 Ad Units 
Too often readers are invited to judge a book by its cover. Now Adbiblio lets readers jump straight into what matters: content!

Our custom, information-rich ads generate two to five times more reader interactions than traditional online advertising.
 Targeting Readers, 
 Not Sites 
Why search through a haystack when you can just buy a box of needles?

Reading preferences

AdBiblio evaluates 1MM+ potential advertising opportunities per second, seeking the people most likely to read a particular book. Publishers and authors can target 100+ AdBiblio Reader Interest Profiles (ARIPs) ranging from chick lit to vampires to politics.

Reader location

Whether for a local book or an author tour, narrowing an ad buy to a specific location boosts the ad's cost effectiveness. We can target the delivery of ads to readers in a particular state, city, zipcode... even down to a college dorm!

 Our Metrics:
 Counting What Counts 

In a famously opaque industry, publishers are traditionally forced to rely on generic CTRs and CPCs for judging ad performance. At Adbiblio, we've learned that these numbers just scratch the surface. Our custom ad technology provides rich data about who interacts with your ads and what content they consume. We'll even show you how your ad's performance compares with industry and genre benchmarks.

 About AdBiblio 

AdBiblio was created by the team at Blogads. Our 40 engineers, designers and client services staff have served publishers and authors with custom ad units and advice since 2002. Long-term customers include:

Some of the sites we work with include:

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